SkinStatic The Glowy Duo


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SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
SkinStatic The Glowy Duo

Revitalize and reduce the look of dark spots and under eye circles with Glowy Duo–an ultrasonic heating device and Stellar Jelly, a brightening activator gel. Together, the device and gel target hyperpigmentation more effectively than product alone - delivering results you can see in 6 weeks.

Even your skin’s complexion, say goodbye to discoloration (aka hyperpigmentation or sun spots), and reduce redness and puffiness using our technology.

  • Heating the skin is proven to increase product delivery, and skin absorption. The device heats to at least 104F (40C) to increase circulation, blood vessel wall permeability, and product solubility.
  • Ultrasonic vibrations are a tried and true method to increase product delivery and skin absorption. Vibrations temporarily disrupt the skin’s outer layer, creating cavities that allow product to pass through.
  • Prevent formation of new, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The activator gel’s optimal 5.2 pH supports the balance of the skin's moisture barrier to avoid triggering inflammation.
  • Active ingredients that are chemically proven to be absorbed by your skin. Our activation gel includes specific ingredients that act as permeation enhancers, which alter the barrier properties of the stratum corneum (top layer of skin) to increase product absorption and efficacy.
  • Good for: dark circles, dark spots, dull skin tone, or puffy eyes
      • Travel-ready size: 4.76in x 1.02 in x 0.62 in
      • Automatic shut-off in 5 mins
      • Wireless, so you don’t trip, USB charging cord included
      • Heats to optimal temperature for increased skin permeation: 107F (42C) 
      • Ultrasonic Vibrations to increase product absorption (also, very soothing)
      • Stellar Jelly shelf life: 12 months

      Azelaic Acid
      Anti-inflammatory effects, reduces redness and swelling in acne-prone skin, reduces production of keratin – a protein which can block pores and lead to acne.

      Tranexamic Acid 
      Powerful ingredient recognized for brightening skin complexion and improving the appearance of discoloration.

      Ferulic Acid
      Protects against free radicals and helps with skin rejuvenation. Works well in tandem with other antioxidants like vitamins C and E to stabilize and promote their strengthening qualities and further protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.

      Licorice Extracts
      Protects skin from darkening in the first place, while liquirtin can spread out the melanin in existing pigmentation and increase skin renewal.

      Visibly brightens and unifies the skin in 2 months by attenuating pigmentation spots. It makes the affected area lighter, brighter and radiant, and protects against UV rays.

      Helps visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and a weakened surface.

      1. Press the button to power on the device. A red light will show. Give the device ~30 secs to warm up.
      2. Apply the activator gel, Stellar Jelly.
      3. Move the device in a gentle circular motion over the treatment area(s). You might feel a tingling sensation - this is normal!
      4. Press the button again to activate the pulsing sonic vibrations. You will see a purple light.
      5. Move the device and pause with the rhythm of the pulsed vibration which delivers targeted ultrasonic technology to the treatment area similar to the Japanese patting technique.
      6. Use for 1 minute (or the length of an Office episode) then turn the device off.
      7. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth after every use.
      8. Be patient! Self-care is a process. Think of clear skin as a journey not a destination.


      Why don’t you have cooling?
      It’s a myth that pores open and close. The skin’s outer layer (stratum corneum) acts as a protective layer between your body and your environment. When we use technology like heat, vibration, ultrasound, etc., or ingredients to permeate the skin, we’re simply creating a temporary disruption of the stratum corneum allowing products to permeate deeper. 

      TL;DR pores don’t open and close, so there’s no need to “close” the pores with cooling. 


      Why does the device have a pulsed vibration, vs. a constant vibration?

      When you apply products, rubbing it in can cause a lot of frictional force on the skin and cause irritation and inflammation, especially in the undereye area.

      The Japanese tapping technique is generally gentler than rubbing in skincare products because you minimize the chances of pulling or dragging on the skin - and, you also increase blood flow product absorption! Our devices use pulsed vibration to mimic “tapping”, but more precisely and efficiently. 

      TL;DR: pulsed vibration imitates tapping product into your skin, which increases blood flow and product absorption. Our device, combined with heat, increases product absorption more precisely and effectively.

      What’s with the timing?
      Based on studies, optimal product absorption happens at ~1 min of heat. Feel free to use for longer. Skincare and chill to your favorite Netflix shows.

      Why is pH important in your activation gel?
      Having an optimal pH balanced skincare product is important because it means that the formula allows for increased absorption of your product without resulting in inflammation or sensitivity of your skin’s barrier. 

      Products that have a non-optimal pH balance tend to disrupt your skin’s moisture barrier causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (discoloration and scarring). 

      If I'm using multiple products to address multiple concerns, do I need to follow the steps for using the device with every product?
      The Stellar Jelly activation gel is intended to help with discoloration, but we may release other activation gels for other skin issues ;) (hint hint). 

      If you’re targeting specific areas of the face with different products, use the device for one minute per area. If you’re layering multiple products on your face, we can’t vouch for the effects, because different ingredients can have varying interactions with the Surge Stick. 

      How often can I use this system?
      Your skin reacts differently for each product when absorption is increased. When using any new skincare products with the device, start by using once a day for one minute per area to determine your skin’s sensitivity. If your skin can tolerate the increased absorption with no negative side effects, you may increase to using twice a day for one minute per area. If you experience any negative reaction, discontinue use immediately. 

      Which skincare products can I use with this system?

      You can use the Surge Stick device with any skincare products. But, our activation gels are specifically designed with ingredients that are scientifically proven to be “skin permeation enhancers”. As the device is engineered to boost product absorption, it’s only as good as the product you pair it with! (read: faster results). 

      Where can I use the Surge Stick device?

      The Surge Stick device is specifically designed to work in combination with our activator gels, with the under eye and general face area in mind. 


      How will I know if my Surge Stick device is working?
      Press the button once, and your device will begin to heat. It takes about 30 seconds to get fully warm. When you press the button again, it will begin to vibrate. Please note, you may feel a tingling sensation on the skin - this is normal!


      Where do I put the Stellar Jelly Activator Gel?
      For best results, place a dime-sized amount directly onto your skin. Next, use the Surge Stick device directly on your skin, making small circles on and around the area you're treating.


      Is it safe to use the Surge Stick device near my eyes?
      Yes. The device is designed with the eye/under eye area in mind. It’s ideal for use on skin underneath the eyes, along the outer corner of the eye, and over the brow bone. The device shouldn't be used directly on the eyelid.


      How do I clean my Surge Stick device?
      After use, you can use a dry or damp cloth to remove excess gel or product. Do not run water or rubbing alcohol over the device.


      How many times will the Surge Stick device work before I have to recharge it?
      When fully charged, it'll work for about 30 uses. 


      Should I hold my Surge Stick device in one place or move it around during treatment?
      It's designed for direct contact with the skin. Move it gently over the skin in overlapping circles. If the warming sensation becomes unpleasant in one area, move the device in small circles, which should alleviate any discomfort.


      Does my Surge Stick device come with a warranty?
      Yes. All of our products come with a one-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects or if your device doesn’t work upon arrival. We are happy to cover one replacement within one year from its original purchase date. The warranty does not cover damage from misuse or accidental damage. We will only honor warranty claims of purchases made from authorized SkinStatic dealers.

      SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
      SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
      SkinStatic The Glowy Duo
      SkinStatic The Glowy Duo